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United Plains Ag Energy Department

          The United Plains Ag Petroleum Department is working very hard to come up with ways to save the customer money.  We do this by offering several different fuels and programs.  Weather it be the highest quality Cenex bulk and packaged oil, the sale of the most efficient Ruby Fieldmaster/Roadmaster diesel, the offering of Cenex Clean Guard gasoline, bulk fuel on the farm or to your business delivery, the use of consumption billing of your delivered fuel, the contracting of fuels, and very knowledgeable sales staff with many years of experience specializing in energy products and programs.  We offer all of this for you. Helping you save you money. 

          Offering Cenex Ruby diesel fuel means offering you a high quality fuel.  Using the Ruby diesel means you are saving 4% over using just straight #2.  This means the higher the price the more you save and with the way fuel prices have been over the last few years why would you go with anything less?

          The bulk Cenex oil goes through very stringent testing before it goes out to be installed in your machinery.  Each item meets the API's newest certification available and is packaged in ISO certified facilities.  They blend and package several of the OEM oils used in many manufacurers equipment right out of the factory.  Cenex offers a variety of oils and greases to meet every application imaginable.  If interested in bulk oil, give us a call.  We will set you up with storage totes to meet your needs at no charge.  We then will help in the buying process so that you get the right oil at the right time.  When using Cenex Lubricants and fuels together your equipment can qualify for up to a ten year/ten thousand hour no-burden-of-proof warranty. This warranty far exceeds the manufacturers warranty and is transferable when it's time to sell that piece of equipment.  Another way Cenex is helping bring value to the sale.

          Here at United Plains Ag we offer many different options for helping lower the cost of fuel.  By the use of contracts you can know what your fuel expense is going to be.  We offer a fuel contract price for gas and diesel everyday, unlike some who will only contract a certain time of the year that works for them.  The most popular fuel contract we use is the fixed price contract.  When using a fixed price contract you tell us how many gallons you would like to purchase and when the price is right you sign the contract guaranteeing "x" amount of gallons at a price you feel works for your operation. You also can tailor it to your operation by selecting the month or combination of months that you need fuel.  Now you know that no matter how high the price goes up, you will pay only the locked in price.  When contracting fuel at United Plains Ag we do not make you pay up front like many suppliers require.  You just pay as you get the fuel.  We can also offer this right out of the pumps at any of our fueling sites.  This is one tool that is becoming very important with today’s fuel markets. 

          The newest and most exciting way we can help save you money is by using a tank monitor and consumption billing.  When using consumption billing it allows you to always have fuel in your tank but not pay for it till you use it.  What we do is install a tank monitor and then fill the tank up.  You then go about your business using fuel for that month.  Then at the end of the month by having the electronic tank monitor in your tank we can see how much is left.  That will allow us just to bill you for what you have used.  The price billed each month is the average of the daily delivery prices.  This completely eliminates the high price spikes we see each year and keeps money in the bank instead of being tied up in a tank of fuel.  Now let’s say that the price of fuel backs off and you think that it’s a good price.  Well now you can buy that inventory at any time.  Taking advantage of a setback in price.  You can also use contracts with this program.  Instead of using an average monthly price you will use your contract price.  With this program available why would you want to do it the old way by buying a whole tank of fuel only to watch the price drop the next day?  We will give you more freedom in pricing your own fuel.  This program is being use by lots of people today and they love it.

          If you are not doing business with the United Plains Ag Energy Department today please give us a call.  We can work with you to develop programs that work for your operation.  With business practices changing for all of us we are always looking for the new things that are out there to change with you to meet your needs.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about putting these programs to work for you please give us a call.  You can reach Johnny Maupin @ 785-443-5926 or call your nearest United Plains Ag office.    


In numerous field tests compared to standard diesel fuels, Ruby Fieldmaster has been proven to:

·    Reduce Fuel Costs—Advanced detergents provide up to 5% better fuel efficiency.

·    Protect Your Engine—10-15% better lubricity than standard #2 diesel reduces wear and maintenance.

·    Maximize Power—Enjoy up to 4.5% more for pulling long hills.

·    Promote quicker, more fuel efficient starts!  

You can find out more about Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Ag diesel fuel by contacting United Plains Ag at 785-852-4241. 

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